United Youth Action for Progress (UYAP) is a Youth charity non- governmental organization registered in 2003 under the Non Governmental organization registration statute, 1989. The organization’s registration number is S.5914/4749, targets the children and youth bedeviled in the war situation and aims at uniting all youth for peace, encouraging education in general and girl child education through advocacy.
The organization shall strive to remove all obstacles to economic, social, spiritual and cultural development of all such persons.


Youth Empowerment


UYAP’s goal is to provide a suitable framework to enable children and youth develop social, economic, cultural and moral skills to enhance their involvement in the overall development process and improve the quality of their life.


To mobilize and educate youth on the need for a peaceful way of resolving conflict and reconciliation. Given the trends of wars in Africa.
To initiate, strengthen and streamline programmes and services targeting children and youth.
To promote social and economic empowerment of the youth
To build capacity and provide relevant training and information to the youth and relevant stakeholders.
To promote growth and the development of youth through actions that protect, empower and prepare them for adulthood.
To provide psycho-social support and other services to youth in conflict situations, difficult circumstances and to the disadvantaged groups,
To increase youth involvement in decision making, leadership, community based and other programs,
HIV/AIDS awareness’ through, seminars, counseling, education in communities and schools.
Encourage youth participation in Democracy and good governance through debates, seminars and symposiums.
To mobilize resources for youth programmes and projects
Encourage education in general and girl child education through advocacy
Care for the disadvantaged youth in the society e.g. the crippled, orphans, needy and the traumatized through counseling etc.
Our ultimate approach is community based, with full support of local resources through community based training skills, transfer of skills and local self-help projects.
UYAP works closely with other established Community Based Organizations. Internationally UYAP works with the sole financial support of the Ardhina Na Opepu group based in Japan. With collaboration of UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN IN UGANDA and WAR CHILD HOLLAND UYAP staffs have been given professional training on children Rights and psychosocial support. Together with the District Community Services Department through UNICEF, UYAP advanced psychosocial support to traumatized children through WANG O to the entire Municipality.
UYAP believes that the greatest war that remains acute in Northern Uganda is the war of “MIND RECONSTRUCTION” the hearts and minds of the people have to be reconstructed for positive thinking and a lasting peace in Uganda and the great lakes region through the right education.
UYAP believes in equality for all youth. Our manifesto is based on the cornerstone of solid foundation of human rights, dignity and impeachability. International standards, constant monitoring and evaluation of activities for better results are always enhanced in the organization.
UYAP is highly accountable to its Donors and conducts regular financial reporting.

Together in action we stand